06 September 2008


Hello everyone, this is a blog where I upload pictures that look like comic strips. this is a new venture undertaken to relieve myself of boredom. I do not consider myself a good comic, so no, it is nowhere near professional. I enjoy sarcastic and dry wit, along with goofy humor. So you will mostly find all that in whatever I post. If you may feel the undying urge to comment on these, go on. I usually draw bullshit doodles, tough to scan. So I must use vector graphics once in a while. The content has no common theme or a line of thought. As the punchline suggests, I draw and write about life and ghosts. Ghosts are beautiful and easy to draw. Feel free to browse the archives listed in the left column. PS: if the text/images are not too clear, please click on the image to view it better.

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