03 October 2008

14. degradation

credit to: mohit shah

23 September 2008

12. wiki wander

i once went from "cauchy integral" to "anna nicole smith"

20 September 2008

technical issues

hello, i believe there are some technical problems with the image viewing on the blog. the way i've set it, the images are supposed to be vertically lined up. but as some people have told me, different images of a single strip line up in several columns rather than one. more like a matrix. so if there are 4 images in a strip and they're all called '1,2,3,4', then what i intend to show is:
but what some actually see is:
if that happens to you also, please read the strip as vertically down as it goes, and then start up back at the top in the next column. don't read horizontally. i'll title separate images of one strip with numbers now. i probably fixed it, but if still not, sorry for the screw up.

19 September 2008

11. thank you honey

you think? ____________________________________________________________________

17 September 2008

9. messiah of Algebria

and you thought your jokes were bad. ____________________________________________________________________

13 September 2008

__to jaipur, delhi, ahmedabad, bangalore

jaipur 13/05/2008 bangalore 25/07/2008 ahmedabad 26/07/2008 delhi 13/09/2008 you fucked up. four times in a row. get out. all of you. ____________________________________________________________________

7. ludicrous legisleture

do not invade freedom.

06 September 2008

1. new ways


Hello everyone, this is a blog where I upload pictures that look like comic strips. this is a new venture undertaken to relieve myself of boredom. I do not consider myself a good comic, so no, it is nowhere near professional. I enjoy sarcastic and dry wit, along with goofy humor. So you will mostly find all that in whatever I post. If you may feel the undying urge to comment on these, go on. I usually draw bullshit doodles, tough to scan. So I must use vector graphics once in a while. The content has no common theme or a line of thought. As the punchline suggests, I draw and write about life and ghosts. Ghosts are beautiful and easy to draw. Feel free to browse the archives listed in the left column. PS: if the text/images are not too clear, please click on the image to view it better.